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Previous webinars

Managing the practicalities of supporting children to visit at end of life in critical care: considerations from a clinical psychologist
(18th March 2024)

Dr Polly Fitch delivered this session. She has been working at the Royal London Critical Care since 2014 gradually building up a psychology service that supports patients, relatives and staff. Prior to working in acute care Polly was working in the community with people with learning disabilities and in Palliative Care in Tower Hamlets. This background has been really helpful to thinking about how to help staff improve information sharing and what contributes to better visits for children who have a parent on ICU as well as interventions to support visits to a relative who is dying.

Talking about death – and creating a show to make it easier (11th January 2024)

For our first webinar of 2024, Dr Owen Scrivens delivered this session. He works a consultant intensivist at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals. He is also the co-artistic director of Playing Dead Theatre – a collective of artists and medical and death care professionals who are passionate about opening conversations around end of life, and breaking down taboos about death, dying, and bereavement.

3 Wishes Program (2nd August 2023)

Dr Thanh Neville (Associate Professor in the UCLA Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care) presents ‘The 3 Wishes Program: Bringing Compassion to the Bedside in the ICU’

Dr Ruth Thigh (Intensivist and Anaesthetist at the William Harvey Hospital, Kent) presents ‘Two Years into UK 3 Wishes Program Implementation: Lessons Learnt Relevant to the NHS’

Palliative Care for ECMO Patients (5th July 2023)

Armita Jamali (Consultant in Palliative Medicine) and Lynn Sheddon (Supportive and Palliative Care CNS) delivered a talk to our audience titled ‘An early integrated palliative care support service for adult intensive care patients on ECMO and their families’

Lucia Meneghelli (Supportive and Palliative Care CNS) and Amy Pang (Deputy Sister ICU, ECMO CNS) delivered our second talk for the session titled ‘Early involvement of the supportive and palliative care team for ECMO patients in a cardiothoracic transplant hospital’

Death, and the Birth and Future of Palliative Care in the ICU (19th June 2023)

Judith Nelson, an attending physician in supportive care and critical care, at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, New York, USA, delivered this webinar to our audience.

Transfers During the Dying Phase & Integrating Palliative Care into the Irish ICU (22nd May 2023)

Dr Sam Clark (Senior Trainee in Intensive Care Medicine) delivered a talk titled ‘What matters most: transfers during the dying phase’

Yvonne Muldowney (Assistant Professor, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland) delivered a talk titled ‘A PhD study integrating palliative care into Irish Intensive Care Units using mixed methods)

The Science and Artistry of Palliative Critical Care & Training and Service Delivery (5th April 2023)

Dr Carol Davis (Consultant in Palliative Medicine) delivered a talk titled ‘The science and artistry of Palliative Critical Care’

Dr Hannah Richards (Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine) delivered a talk titled ‘Integrating Specialist Palliative Care into Critical Care training and service delivery’

End of Life Care in the ICU & Bereavement Support (17th March 2023)

Nancy Kentish-Barnes delivered a session titled ‘End of life care in the ICU and bereavement’

Nazir Lone delivered a session titled ‘Bereavement support for families after critical illness’

Difficulties with Death & Early Proactive Palliative Care for Patients with Cancer (19th December 2022)

Ian Thomas (Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia) delivered a talk titled ‘Difficulties with Death’

Joanne Droney (Consultant in Palliative Medicine) delivered a talk titled ‘Early Proactive Palliative Care for Patients with Cancer

‘Moral Balance’ & Family and Carer Involvement in Decision Making (6th June 2022)

Dan Harvey (Consultant in Critical Care) delivered a talk titled ‘Moral Balance: Decision making in critical care’

Nikolaos Efstathiou delivered a talk titled ‘Family and Carer Involvement in Decision Making: Lessons from Research’

EPCIN Inaugural Webinar (26th January 2022)

Catherine White delivered a talk titled ‘Information for patients and families at the end of life in ICU’

Victoria Metaxa delivered a talk titled ‘Palliative care interventions in intensive care unit patients: Systematic Review

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